Trump just woke up and flew into a stage 10 Twitter tantrum

President Trump spent another pre-golf Saturday morning sending tweets from his country club to set the record straight about his epic Friday failures.

In his latest weekend Twitter rant, Trump managed to lash out at the press, passive-aggressively attack German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and remind the world that America spends more on their military than any other nation on earth.

On Friday, most mainstream media outlets reported on the obvious tension between the two when they met and held a press conference at the White House.

At one point, President Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand after she offered in front of a room filled with photographers and reporters.

However, that might not have even been the most awkward and uncomfortable part of the day.

Trump joked that both he and Merkel had been wiretapped by then President Obama, referring to his recent unfounded allegations that the former president had wiretapped Trump Tower, and a 2014 report that the Obama Administration had been monitoring Merkel’s cellphone calls.

Throughout their joint press conference, Merkel took turns looking shocked and horrified by some of Trump’s comments.

The President then went on to refer to a reporter asking questions about his wiretapping claims as “fake news.”

In his tweets this morning, Trump managed to also remind the world that Germany has not paid enough to NATO.

He has often criticized other nations not spending 2% of their GDP on defense, per an agreement between NATO countries, and even stated that he would have to think twice about coming to the aid of a fellow NATO member if they had not spent their required amount.

If this pattern seems familiar, it is because it is.

Last week, President Trump kicked off his weekend golfing outing at Mar-a-Lago by tweeting the accusation that President Obama had “wire tapped” Trump Tower, after claiming he found out about it while watching FOX News.

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