Russia sends warship to Mediterranean after US Navy destroyers launch Syria attack

A Russian warship is moving into the Mediterranean Sea and heading towards the two United States Navy destroyers that launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base last night.

According to the report during a FOX Business segment, the Russian ship came from the Black Sea via the Basra Strait to reach the Mediterranean Sea and is heading towards the U.S.S. Ross and U.S.S. Porter.

There has been no announcement or report on what the warship’s intentions are as it is headed on a collision course with the two Navy destroyers.

Other outlets are beginning to post followups to the FOX News report.

UPDATE (11:53 am EDT):

A CBS report filed just hours after the airstrike in Syria said that “There were reports later that a Russian warship was sailing to the Mediterranean and expected to dock at the Russian base in Tartus, on Syria’s coast.”


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