Coal Mining Federal Land

Trump opens national parks and wildlife refuges for coal mining

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has begun the process of complying with President Trump’s executive order, ending the federal government’s moratorium on coal mining leases on federal land. Zinke signed the repeal on Wednesday surrounded by fellow Republicans and lobbyists. The repeal, Zinke says,  means the Bureau of Land Management can …

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Breitbart News Denied Congressional Press Credentials

The U.S. Senate Daily Press Gallery officially denied Breitbart News congressional press passes on Monday, over concerns about their relationship with a Republican mega-donor and a conservative nonprofit organization. The standing committee of correspondents representing the Gallery want the right-wing media company to divulge the details of its entire relationship …

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Schwarzenegger crushes Trump over dismal approval ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger took another shot at President Trump Tuesday morning on Twitter, with a short video knocking Trump’s dismal approval ratings and his highly criticized budget proposal. “Oh, Donald — the ratings are in, and you got swamped. Wow. Now you’re in the thirties? But what do you expect? I …

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President Trump takes to Twitter to defend meeting with Merkel

Trump just woke up and flew into a stage 10 Twitter tantrum

President Trump spent another pre-golf Saturday morning sending tweets from his country club to set the record straight about his epic Friday failures. In his latest weekend Twitter rant, Trump managed to lash out at the press, passive-aggressively attack German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and remind the world that America spends …

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