Flynn Immunity

Senate Intelligence rejects Flynn’s immunity request

Yesterday, Michael Flynn offered to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in exchange for immunity, today it appears they declined his offer. The former (for a brief moment) National Security Advisor was expected to answer questions about his potential involvement in Russian interference during the 2016 election. But according to …

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Rep Frank Lewis EPA

Republicans vote to allow industry reps to join EPA science committee

The House has officially approved a bill to overhaul the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) scientific advisory committee. The bill changes membership requirements to be a member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board.  The board will now include more representatives from industry sectors, and have fewer scientists. The EPA’s Science Advisory …

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Coal Mining Federal Land

Trump opens national parks and wildlife refuges for coal mining

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has begun the process of complying with President Trump’s executive order, ending the federal government’s moratorium on coal mining leases on federal land. Zinke signed the repeal on Wednesday surrounded by fellow Republicans and lobbyists. The repeal, Zinke says,  means the Bureau of Land Management can …

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